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Pickling-free Rust Cleaning Machine + Vertical Type Take-up Machine

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Pickling-free Rust Cleaning Machine + Vertical Type Take-up Machine
Our company improved production no pickling wire shot blasting machine + inverted recover of wire machine equipment for the high, medium and low carbon steel and alloy steel wire drawing shelling, blasting former consolidated.
High production efficiency acid-free drawing application blasting machine replaces the traditional shelling, pickling, washing, plastering, drying and other processes, continuous production greatly reduced production processes, shorten the production cycle, significantly increased production efficiency.
Environmental effects are not integrated, low cost production of acid consumption, water, coal, eradication mist waste acid, waste water pollution of the environment, saving the expense of pollution control, workshop clean, no dust, no harm employees' health, productivity high, the use of a few months later the cost savings payback.

Main Technical Parameters

Model Unit XC-I XC-II
Diameter of wire mm Φ5.5~20 Φ5.5~40
Passage speed m/min Max120 Max120
Center height mm 1175 1175
Impeller motor power Kw 15~22 15~22
Impeller quantity 4 4
Abrasives mm Φ0.2~0.5 Φ0.2~0.5
Required air ventilation m3/h 3000 3000
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