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Vertical Collar

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Vertical Collar

Product Introduction

The vertical coiler is the company to improve production DV series inverted pull the machine is a set closing closing line and drawing as one of the subsequent heat treatment equipment Applicable to heat treatment line after broader market re-closing line, stainless steel wire winding after annealing, quenching bright drawing and lead wine and galvanized wire tape winding.
Machine features: continuous production, up reel material, a combination of turbo gear belt drive, AC variable frequency control, smooth variable speed.

Main Technical Parameters

Model Unit DV900 DV700 DV500 DV350
Diameter of capstan mm Φ900 Φ700 Φ500 Φ350
Application Wire size mm Φ9.0-6.0 Φ2.0-5.5 Φ1.4-4.0 Φ3.0-1.0
Take-up speed m/min According to the user for DV valuse match
Motor power Kw 5.5-4 3-2.2 2.2-1.0 0.75
Note   According to the special requirements of users and design of technical parameters

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