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Trunk Discharging Machine

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Trunk Discharging Machine
This company produces the ZX series automatic horizontal (trunk)-type discharge wire machine, for high, medium and low carbon steel wire, copper wire, aluminum wire and other wire tensile strength of the lower tape unloaded heavy line, the main supporting straight, pulley type continuous wire drawing machine used to make the drawing, a continuous discharge line of work carried out. Machine Features: AC variable frequency control, balancing quality, speed, fixed with wire drawing machine, tape re-save man.
If the device receive high tensile steel to increase a calibration mode, which increases the smoothness of the wire straightening. The unloading line using water + air-cooled machine reel, the calibration module uses the water, greatly improved the quality of steel products.

Technical Parameters

Items Units Name
Take-up reel diameter mm Φ300-600
Income(unloading)in diameter mm Φ1.0-4.0
Income(unloading)line speed m/min Set with the user
Income(unloading)line intensity Mpa 1000~2600
Motor power Kw 11~45
Dimensions mm 1500×1550×2350
Weight t 2.5

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