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LT9-450Copper Large Pull with continuous annealing production line automatic dual-income

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LT9-450Copper Large Pull with continuous annealing production line automatic dual-income

  This company produces LT9-450 continuous annealing line used with pull-plus double-disc received Continuous Annealing Line (or, as the nose unloading line) production model, the formation of the entire production line continuous operation, drawing machine from a copper rod into the line of direct pull Ф8.00mm Model copper wire.
  Annealing mode DC-annealing, annealing the use of advanced low-voltage power supply high current power supply, the control system adopts microcomputer intelligent control, equipment operation more stable, the maximum speed of 8 m / sec.
  Take-up the use of a double-disk income line, the automatic switch, every minute continuous operation, without downtime for disk to avoid the re-start when silk phenomenon, to reduce unnecessary downtime and time-consuming. Plate with loading and unloading more convenient, simple and easy to operate.Ф2.78mm diameter according to the production output of up to 1.2 tons / hour, 20 hours a day, according to the production, daily output of up to 25 tons, can greatly reduce raw materials inventory and improve cash flow ratio.The entire production line can be done only one person from the Ф8.00mmt copper rods into the line to drawing, annealing, to close lines, and processes of the whole process. Class size of just one person a day, only two workers to complete the 25 tons of copper wire annealing production, qualifying specifications Ф1.78-Ф3.30mm.Wan Shun was 1.2 tons with automatic dual-income line pull Continuous Annealing Production Line can take into account the quality of copper, but also small and medium enterprises to adapt to variety of wire and cable industry specification entire, less liquidity, supply up with the status quo, thereby greatly reducing the copper prices fluctuated risks. 
LT-1200 large Pull continuous annealing line supporting equipment as follows:
  Actinomyces gantry frame wear die rolling machine 110KW motor control cabinet tip LT-9 mold copper big pull
  LT-1200 annealing machine LT-1200 cabinet annealing operation of the main electrical cabinet automatic double-disc MD-up Machine XB-600 like the nose and unloading-ray machine (also purchased) can store 1 tonne of copper wire used in the production line when a large single-core BV capacity pay-off.
LT9DieCopper Large Pull
Main technical parameters:
Inlet wire diameter
Outlet velocityMAX
Fixed speed wheel diameter
Hourly output
Drawing Wheel Material
Cast tungsten carbide coating
Dimension length 3000 * 1800mm Weight 6.5T width


LT-15DieHigh-speed copper drawing machine
Main technical parameters:

Inlet wire diameter
Outlet diameter
Drawing number
Maximum speed
Fixed speed wheel diameter
Ф350 mm
Hourly output

MDAutomatic Double Disc revenue Machine
  The company's MD series full-automatic double disc closed-ray machine is mainly used for wire and cable industry revenue line, with PLC intelligent control, change set, the entire production line non-stop without deceleration, annealing non-silk, according to settings Cu wire length of the auto-changer and economic benefits are particularly notable.
Main technical parameters:

Take-plate range
PND400 PND500 PND 630(Custom)
Slide the top tour
Take-up speed
Torque Motor8m/s Inverter Motor 20m/s
Torque Motor40NM*2 Inverter Motor5.5KW
Equipment size
LT-1200Annealing machine and electric control system
Main technical parameters:
Diameter range of annealing
Maximum speed
480m/min Ф2.5Hours
Annealing method
Low-voltage high-current short-circuit annealing
Copper contact roller material
Brass inlaid with pure cold-rolled nickel
Annealing Wheel Material
Wire Elongation at Break
Cooling water temperature
Cooling water temperature

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